Soft and mild personal care products from BASF now include Plantapon® TF and Lamesoft® OD.

Plantapon® TF is a natural surfactant blend for use in gentle cleansing formulations.  The glycerol oleate provides conditioning to the hair and skin while the alkyl polyglucosides softly rinse away any dirt and impurities.  Skin is left feeling nourished and smooth.

The benefits to Plantapon® TF include being sulfate-free, EO-free, PEG-free, Paraben-free as well as having excellent foaming and sensory properties.  It has also been approved by the Natural Products Association.  Applications include Baby Care, Body Wash, Face Wash, Sensitive Skin Formulations and Shampoo.

Lamesoft® OD achieves significant oil deposition on skin without high oil concentrations in the final formulation to deliver exceptional effects with a unique sensory behavior.  Lamesoft® OD is 100% naturally derived, provides a luxurious, soft and mild skin feel and supports the natural skin protection function.  It has solubilizing properties for essential oils, is cold processable and easy to use.  Applications include Body Wash, Face Wash, Leave-In Conditioner, Liquid Hand Soap, Sensitive Skin Formulations and Shampoo.

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