About Us : Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:

McCullough & Associates is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality chemicals and process equipment as well as an unparalleled level of service and support in the industry. We have committed to be progressive and forward thinking in our sales efforts for our customers and principals. McCullough & Associates is motivated to maintain our company’s profitability to provide a stable and supportive environment for our employees and their families. We will conduct our business with integrity for the benefit of our vendors, our employees and the community at large.

Value-Added Benefits: 

We are recognized as a premiere regional distributor in the South with over 50 years of sales experience. As a member of Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD), McCullough & Associates is Responsible Distribution™ certified. We are specialists in coordinating logistics, pricing and supply for multiple vendors, enabling our customers to receive exceptional products, service and pricing from a local sales agency/distributor.

Competitive Pricing & Convenience:

We stock a wide range of products from many different manufacturers, allowing our customers to take advantage of pricing and freight cost savings through our “combination” pricing policy.  We work closely with our vendors to monitor competitive situations and provide our customers with contract pricing as necessary.

Centralized RD Certified Warehousing: 

Porter Logistics in Atlanta, Georgia, provides us with a centralized warehouse. They can provide our customers with special requirements such as barcoding, labelling, re-stacking of pallets and expedited delivery service as required.

Technical Sales Support:

Our technically trained sales force receives ongoing product education and works closely with suppliers to provide solutions to customers’ formulation needs. We act as a conduit between the manufacturer and the customer to jointly develop marketing strategies and to pursue new product development and processes. Our equipment and chemicals sales forces work together to assist customers with manufacturing issues.

We maintain a well-stocked library of up-to-date product literature and Technical Data Sheets to provide to our customers at any time. Samples are quickly processed and tracked from time of order placement until receipt and customers are contacted to evaluate sample performance.

Customer Support:

Exceptional service to our customers has always been our number one goal.  All departments receive ongoing product training and departmental cross training to facilitate communication regarding customer support. While all members of Inside Sales can assist a customer, those customers requiring a single contact are accommodated. Customers’ special requirements are documented and updated on a regular basis; accordingly, these requirements are communicated to our warehouse and vendors. We understand that flexibility and communication are instrumental in keeping a customer well satisfied.