Arde Barinco, Inc.

Laboratory and Production, Reversible Homogenizers

In-Line Dispersion and Grinding Units

Low Shear Continuous Blending of Powders and Liquids

In-line Fine Grinding and Emulsifications

Pilot Plant, Small Batch High Viscosity Multi-Shaft Mixing System

Bendel Corporation

Custom Fabricator of Mixing and Storage Tanks and Reactors

ASME Code Capabilities and Sanitary Grade Polishing

  • Solvent distillation and recovery systems with no capital cost.
Cleveland Mixer

Agitators and Mixers for Liquid Blending

Portable and Fixed Mount Models for General Chemical and Sanitary Applications

Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions
  • Precision Laboratory and Pilot Plant
    • Instruments for Rheology and Process Ability Studies.
  • Full Line of Extruders, Mixers and Mills for the Plastics and Rubber Industries
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc.

Supermill PLUS Horizontal Small Media Mills for Paints, Inks, Ag-Chem Products, Pigment Dispersions

Liquid Colorants for Plastics, Textile Dyes and Chemicals

Custom Tolling for Dispersions


Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Dry Powders and Granular Materials

Bulk Material Storage

Weighing and Batching Systems

Automated Control Systems

Turnkey Installations

Fawcett Co., Inc.

Air and Electric Powered Laboratory and Small Batch Production Mixers 

Patented Mix Flow Impellers

Ideal-Pak Incorporated

In-Line Semi-Automatic and Automatic Liquid Filling Systems

Small Bottles to Drums and Totes

Industrial and Food Grade Systems

Volumetric and Weight Basis Systems

Inkmaker Systems
  • Batch and Automated Dispensing and Blending Systems. Gravimetric Operation.
  • Industrial Applications for Coatings, Graphic Arts and General Chemicals.
MM Industries, Inc./Vorti-Siv Division

High Efficiency Gyratory Sieving, Straining and Classifying Equipment for Liquids and Powders

Laboratory, Pilot Plant and Production Sizes

In-Line Filters with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter Elements

Myers Mixers, LLC

Laboratory and Production High Speed Dispersers, Agitators and High Viscosity Paste Mixers

Single and Multi-Shaft Models and Vacuum Capability

Quickblades, Inc.
  • Mixing and Dispersion Blades for All Manufacturer’s Equipment.
StateMix Ltd.

Vortex Dual Axis Laboratory and Small Batch Mixing Units for Semi-Viscous Materials such as Inks, Paints, Caulks, Sealants and highly Filled Semi-Solid Materials