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McCullough & Associates had the privilege of sponsoring the local West Georgia Challenge for the second time on February 6, 2016, and it was a great success! We had 19 participants, eliminating 9 at the end of the third round. The top ten participants advanced to the State Challenge, which will be held at Georgia Tech on April 9.

The challenge winner, Anup Bottu from The Westminster Schools, was awarded an $80 cash prize and 4 tickets to the Tellus Science Museum donated by the museum. His teacher, Gary Jones, was awarded a $150 cash prize for his classroom.

winner & teacher

Our moderator remarked how intelligent these students were and that many of his high school students would not even be at this level of chemistry knowledge. The teachers are doing a great job implementing chemistry concepts into the classroom and the competition is a great way for them to be rewarded!

Our judges volunteering their time were Bart Whitaker from Whitaker Oil, Annie Kelley from Brenntag, and Kyle Johnson. We are already looking forward to sponsoring the West Georgia competition next year, and we have great plans to increase the school participation.

Below is a list of our suppliers who monetarily contributed to the competition:

• Amware Logistics – $150
• The Weatherby Group – $500
• Southern Chemical & Textile – $1000
• Brenntag Mid-South – $250
• Cabot Corporation – $75

These suppliers donated gifts for the participant goody bags:

• Covestro
• schulke
• ShinEtsu

Thank you to our suppliers for getting involved and we look forward to next year!

audience and participants studying before