Products : Pharmaceutical

American Colloid Company – Industrial

Bentonite, Hectorite and Smectite Clays

American Colloid Company – Personal Care
  • Bentonite Clays (Magnabrite)
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicates for Thickening and Suspension
Cabot Corporation – Personal Care
  • Fumed Alumina (Soft-Focus)
  • Cab-O-Sil Fumed Silica for Thixotropy
  • -Thickening, Suspension, Anti-Caking
  • -Binder (Emulsification), Moisture Resistance
Emery Oleochemicals – Consumer Care
  • Vegetable Glycerin and Non-Vegetable Grades
  • Fatty Acids (Stearic, Oleic, etc.)
Grace Davison – Personal Care

Syloid and Sylox – Synthetic Silicas for Free Flow, Anti-Caking Applications